I had no idea what I would make of this book, because the blurb really doesn’t give much away. From the blurb, I expected it to be a lot like Cecelia Ahern’s If You Could See Me Now, because it suggests that the protagonist gains an imaginary friend.

In reality, this is more about ghosts than imaginary friends. Lara is at her Great-Aunt Sadie’s (who she’s never met) funeral when suddenly a young woman appears, and only she can see her. This turns out to be Sadie, and Lara and Sadie soon become best friends.

I really enjoyed this, especially with just how weird it is! I fell in love with Lara and Sadie, even with their constant bickering! It’s a lot like Sophie Kinsella’s other books because Lara is in a failing job – and that’s why I love these books. Her books always focus on a realistic life rather than idyllic.

I did struggle with it to begin with, mainly because I wasn’t too sure where it was going to lead. The plot is focused around finding one of Sadie’s necklaces, and it did get boring in a few points where not much seemed to be happening. However, it did quickly pick back up and get back to being a brilliant book.

It’s still not managed to beat The Undomestic Goddess, but it was enjoyable!

Rating: 4/5

Paperback, 496 pages, published by Black Swan, £8.99

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