I don’t often review groups of books together, but think yourself lucky because this was going to be three books! I’m absolutely gutted because I bought a three-book box-set and for some reason, it included books 1, 2, and 4? Doesn’t make much sense to me! But whatever here’s the first two reviews for you!

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (Book One)

The first time I read this, I gave up on page 73. I’m not too sure why – to be quite honest, I only realised I’d tried reading it before when I found the bookmark I had lost in it!

This time, I completely loved it. Rebecca Bloomwood is all of us, in a way. She buys lots of things that she will probably never use – she just wants them! – and then manages to forget she even has them. She’s a shopaholic, and she’s in debt. She’s also a financial journalist (how ironic).

I really enjoyed reading Bex’s story and I’m actually glad that I have the next two books ready to read because within the first half of the book I was addicted and knew I would love the rest of the series.

I hate to say it, but I think Derek Smeathe is my favourite character! I loved his change in character and his relationship with Bex!

Paperback, 336 pages, published by Black Swan, £8.99

Shopaholic Abroad (Book Two)

I was really into this one from the first page. I completely understand Rebecca’s problem with packing for a holiday – I can’t do it either!

I loved that this took Rebecca away from her home and job and we saw her travelling to New York and experiencing all of the shops there. It really felt like I was going shopping with her! I completely don’t blame her for not going to the museum – who would when you have that many shops to explore?!

The development in characters was brilliant and I absolutely can’t wait to carry on with the series.

Paperback, 368 pages, published by Black Swan, £8.99

Overall, I absolutely fell in love with this series, and I’m so excited to read the next book!

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