Whatever I say here, don’t judge me. I’m writing this review straight after finishing this book, and I want to dive into the second book, but I wanted to write this first so the books don’t merge into one and then I completely forget what happened in each one.

Can you tell I loved this already? If the answer to that is no, please skip back to line one, dear reader.

Honestly, I’ve wanted this book so so so so so MUCH and now it’s finally in my hands and I can’t cope.

Also, my Waterstones have it on buy one get one half price with Vol.2, so leave your reading chairs, nerds, and go buy it!

I’ve never been one for graphic novels, if I’m going to be honest. In the past, I’ve always avoided buying them. Ive just never been able to understand the hype with them, because I like words! (I’m odd, get over it)

But when I first saw people reading Heartstopper, I was intrigued by the plot. And after all of the hype on Twitter, I had no choice other than to buy it. You can’t talk about a book that sounds this good and expect me to be able to walk past it in a bookshop!

From the start, it had me squeaking over Charlie. He’s so cute!! I feel that the abuse part of the storyline was handled really well, and was definitely an important part to add to the plot.

If you like Red, White and Royal Blue, you will love this! I would actually do anything for a crossover between the two of these. Alex meeting Charlie? YES. (If you didn’t like RWRB, seriously, what is wrong with you?!)

I’ve never read any other books by Alice Osman, but I’m definitely going to now. I’ve still got Vol.2, which I’m going to start reading straight after finishing writing this! Solitaire is going straight onto my Wishlist, and I’m going to buy that as soon as my TBR shrinks a bit.

I don’t want to ramble on too much, so let’s just leave this before I go full on fangirl.

Until my next read, nerds,

Sam x

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