I don’t want this to seem like I’m jumping on the bandwagon of hating Instagram, because I know there is a lot of this around. But I really, really, really, do hate Instagram.

I have an account specifically for this blog, but I rarely post on it any more, and I felt it was time for me to explain why.

Instagram isn’t what it used to be. I used to be able to scroll through Instagram and see multiple posts from all of my friends, and be able to comment on those posts and just have genuine conversation. I even met a few friends through Instagram. At one point, I was part of a few different communities on there and I used to see only genuine posts, from genuine people I cared about. It was a true social media.

But now, when I tap into that app (hah, I’m a poet!!) I rarely ever see a post from a friend. And it’s not that they’re not posting – some of them are even more active than they used to be. But Instagram now pushes accounts with larger followings more, and my feed is flooded with sponsored posts by influencers and posts from celebrities I’m following. I rarely ever see content from my friends.

It’s not even that I don’t interact with friends, but Instagram just seems to push posts that they can make money over rather than what people want to genuinely see. I get that they need to make money, but surely there’s other ways than making every-other post on my feed sponsored.

It’s now all about the likes, too. Okay, so I’m not saying that the amounts of likes on a photo have never mattered. I remember on one of my past accounts how excited I was for getting over fifty likes on a post – it’s a good feeling! But I also loved sharing my posts, and talking to people in the comments. But now, we all know that the more likes you get, the higher chance you have of being featured on the explore page (if it’s still called that!) #likeforlike was something I used to use on all of my posts. I had a whole list of copy and paste tags ready to use on every post to try to boost likes, just so more people would see my posts.

Where’s the genuine interaction gone? At one point, I used to like photos because I genuinely liked them. But now, I’ve found myself liking posts and thinking ‘I just want to seem supportive and get their interaction in return.’ I used to have conversations with people in the comments of my posts, but now all I ever get is spammy comments. Nobody talks to each other any more.

Posting on Instagram is like shouting in an empty room, hoping somebody will hear you. It’s a lonely place, and the least supportive and progressive form of social media. I miss the days where I used to look forward to seeing what people had posted on Instagram.

So what’s happening with my account? I’m not too sure, to be honest with you. A few months ago I stopped using hashtags so I wouldn’t get any more spammy comments and messages. I will probably carry on with occasional comments, because my blog does get some clicks from my profile on there, but until it becomes a kinder place, I won’t be on there often.

Of course, I can’t delete it completely because then I would lose out on my Mrs Hinch fix! Her stories are the single genuine thing on there for me at the moment.

I want to know what you think of Instagram. Do you love it or hate it?

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  1. I can relate to this! I used to find that social media was, well social. I now find that for the most part it has become mostly spam and posts I do not care about. It seems like most social platforms are trending this way. I wish there was a new social media platform!

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    1. I find that twitter is good for interaction, but I do have a lot of spammy followers on there and fake accounts following me. I feel like even if there was a new platform, it would still end up with more spam than real people!


  2. I feel this! I recently closed my Instagram for my blog down because I just felt it became a place where you would have things forced onto your feed that in reality you weren’t interested in, you just wanted to connect with friends and other like minded people! Too much about the set up and getting a good shot for likes than it being authentic and a relaxed place to share things 😦 maybe I’ll take to twitter next!

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