Heartstopper (Vol. 1) – Alice Osman (Review)

Whatever I say here, don’t judge me. I’m writing this review straight after finishing this book, and I want to dive into the second book, but I wanted to write this first so the books don’t merge into one and then I completely forget what happened in each one. Can you tell I loved this […]

Oh Book It Recommends…. #1

So let’s try something new. On Twitter, I asked people to reply with an emoji and I would stalk their profile and then recommend them a book. Everyone who knows me knows that my stalking skills are amazing, so we’ll see how well this goes! I know I’m probably going to recommend some that people […]

Why I’m No Longer Taking Part in Blog Tours

Warning: this post contains my opinions, and you’re not forced to agree with them. This is just my little rant in the hopes that some other bloggers will understand me. None of the views in this post reflect certain tour organisers, books, authors, or publishers. They are all general. When I first started blogging, I […]

Let’s Talk About Reading Speeds

Over the past six months, I’ve been reading an average of 1-2 books each week, which I was really proud of! But all of a sudden, my reading habits have completely changed, and guess what? I’m even happier now. So, as a lot of you know, lately I’ve been working through my massive TBR, and […]