How My Style of Book Reviews Has Changed

The format of my book reviews has changed a lot over the past few years, but I think I’ve finally found my favourite way to write them. When I first started blogging, my reviews would be 250-300 words, and that would include the book’s description – so they were pretty short. Back then, I was […]

Why Smashbomb is The New Goodreads

So recently, I wrote a post about why I don’t love Goodreads, and I quickly explained that I’ve moved to a new website called Smashbomb. So it’s time that I really talk about Smashbomb. I came across this when it was advertised to me on Facebook, and I wasn’t too sure to begin with. To […]

More Books? Okay (Book Haul)

My physical TBR is at an all-time low – only three books! I’m not too sure how that happened, but of course that means it’s now time for me to hoard more books! So I set myself a limit of what I wanted to spend, and then ended up with nine books. Here’s what I’ve […]

Books to Make You Cry

I love a good book that gives you all the feels. Most of my favourite books are the ones that have made me cry at some point. If you’re in need of a good cry, here’s a list of some books you need to read! The Color Purple – Alice Walker I remember first reading […]

5 Classics To Read If You Don’t Like Classics

I’m not the biggest fan of classic books out there – in fact, I tend to avoid the majority of them. I find the language hard to read, and the plots often hard to follow.
However, lately, I have read quite a few classics (and discovered a few more that I am yet to read) that I actually found quite easy to read and was a bit surprised. Not all classics have to be stuffy and full of blocky language.
Here’s five that I think you should read.