The Haunting Of Hill House – Horror or Drama?

My experience with Netflix shows is quite patchy. I will usually at least try to watch the shows that are the most popular, but I often don’t make it more than a few episodes in because I get bored. I’ve watched Stranger Things, but I did find the second series really boring and it felt to me as if the show had been stretched on for too long. But I absolutely love Netflix’s adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events, so really there’s no saying of whether I will be into something that is popular without me giving it a good go!

Book Talk: My Favourite Book Covers

They say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but I’m definitely guilty of that! I love book covers, and they are mainly what makes me buy the book. This means that I’ve got plenty of books with beautiful covers, and here’s all of my favourites!

My 2019 TBR (Part Two)

Time for the second half of what I hope to read this year! Again, as much as I hope I can completely work through this TBR this year, I know I probably won’t! I’m awful when it comes to buying new books, and as much as I try not to hoard books on my TBR, […]

Book Talk: Myths About YA Novels

So my post Myths About Bookworms went down really well! I decided to do another, this time it’s about YA Novels. I hope you enjoy! 1. They’re all romances with no message This one really annoys me. When I’ve said that I read a lot of YA now, I’ve had people say than teen books […]