The Haunting Of Hill House – Horror or Drama?

My experience with Netflix shows is quite patchy. I will usually at least try to watch the shows that are the most popular, but I often don’t make it more than a few episodes in because I get bored. I’ve watched Stranger Things, but I did find the second series really boring and it felt to me as if the show had been stretched on for too long. But I absolutely love Netflix’s adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events, so really there’s no saying of whether I will be into something that is popular without me giving it a good go!

Blogmas: My Favourite Festive Films

I couldn’t possibly fit all of my favourite festive films into one post, which is why I did My Favourite Book-Inspired Festive Films a few days ago. This post is for my favourite films that weren’t inspired by books. A Christmas Prince (Netflix)(2017)How can I not talk about this? Anything with Rose McIver in is brilliant quality […]

Blogmas: My Favourite Book-Inspired Christmas Films

What’s better than a Christmas film? One that is based on a book! Here are some of my favourites. How The Grinch Stole ChristmasI think this is one of the most obvious ones to go with, but I’ve always loved this! I do have to admit, I’ve never actually read the Dr Seuss book (please […]

Review: Pretty Little Liars (PLL #1) – Sara Shepard

This is a backlog review, meaning I read this either before starting to blog or it got lost somewhere along the hectic journey of blogging. Enjoy! Book Description (From Waterstones) Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Alison have been best friends since the third grade. They go everywhere together, thinking no-one can come between them. If […]

Bookworm Problem #8 – Film Adaptations

Film adaptations are just never right! Is this going to be a rant or a lovely little post? Who knows, we’ll have to see. I get easily frustrated by adaptations because I always expect them to be a lot more, but then they almost always let me down. I get that action and special effects […]