More Than This – Patrick Ness (Review)

The first time I ever read this book, I DNF’d it at about halfway through. I bought it just after it was released from a little bookshop in Cornwall, desperate to read it after all of the positive reviews I had seen all over social media.

Poems to Live Your Life By – Chris Riddell (Review)

Poems to Live Your Life By is a book of poetry collated and illustrated by Chris Riddell. People who read my blog regularly know that I obsess over Chris Riddell, which explains my reasons for buying this.

My Top Reads of 2018

I don’t think I have ever read quite as much as I did through 2018! This was the first year where I kept track of exactly how many books I read, and also kept note on what I thought about them.

The Poet X – Elizabeth Acevedo (Review)

It’s definitely worth reading, especially if you are into poetry – or even if you’re not!

Need a Book About Books?

My latest bookish obsession is books about books. What more can a bookworm ever want than a book that is written about their favourite thing on the planet – more books – by an author with exactly the same interests as them?!