The List – Siobhan Vivian (Review and Rant)

I don’t often write reviews for books that I have DNF’d, but this one wound me up so much, I just had to. To begin with, I was really enjoying the book. There are a lot of characters that it focuses on, but I found it really easy to follow since the list that the […]

Two Can Keep a Secret – Karen M. McManus (Review)

I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy this, because I had mixed feelings when it came to the first book, One of Us is Lying. Yes, I enjoyed it in the end, but I really struggled with it to begin with and found myself getting bored with it. (You can read my full review of One of Us is Lying here) However, I still […]

Book Talk: Myths About YA Novels

So my post Myths About Bookworms went down really well! I decided to do another, this time it’s about YA Novels. I hope you enjoy! 1. They’re all romances with no message This one really annoys me. When I’ve said that I read a lot of YA now, I’ve had people say than teen books […]